Growing up on the east coast of Australia, I never once considered that the world was a big place. My favourite childhood memories were of the sound of unfamiliar accents and distant hotel elevator chimes in jetlagged fogs, bustling airports, vast mountains and cities, back alleys and ancient countrysides. New sounds, smells and customs were infiltrating my senses, while the travel bug embedded itself firmly in my little heart and held on for dear life as I took it all in and vowed that I would never stop wanting to see every corner of this world.

It was through travel that I learned about the ritual of storytelling, the vital importance of memories, and how stories connect us, invoking empathy and insight, and in my case – always a bad case of homesickness and wanderlust in equal measure.

It’s probably a glib sentiment, but people inherently fascinate me.

My approach to my art is multifaceted and borne from a deep desire to photograph human connection, as well as document stories of self-empowerment, of love and the world in which I wander. I shoot predominantly in black and white – as this is lets me into the soul of every raw, imperfect and uncensored moment. I dream in vivid colour.

I’m Erica. I have a passion for good wine, dark chocolate, great conversation, and exploring the depths of the universe. I will forget your name but vividly remember the way you made me feel. Music flows through my veins and I need it like I need air to breathe. I speak (and write) voraciously about transformation. I write through pain. Mine and others. The writings on this site are deliberately without context, but I am fervently against the concept of censorship, so I will say what I need to, without fear or apology. 

An ocean currently resides behind the walls of my heart although I have learned to be cavalier and judicious for the sake of survival. Highly sensitive. Wounded, but healing. Empath. Introvert. Astrologically complicated.

Laughs too easily and cries too hard. Serial playlist-maker.

Two weeks away from my dream of living by the sea.

Currently writing my first novel.







  • Griffith University
    Graduate Diploma of Education  (Middle/Secondary) – Film & Television, Music & ICT
    Griffith University Academic Award
  • Southern Cross University
    Bachelor of Media – Film & Television/Multimedia/Contemporary Music


  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Moment Design Photographic Technique Training



Co-Founder / Editor

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Rebelle Society
Redemption: Of course it’s hard…all worthwhile journeys are.

Wild Heart Writers
Manifesto for the Reborn


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The Madistones – Music Videos – 2017
Perth Fringe World Festival – Kaitlyn Plyley “What Is She” – 2014
Big Hearted Business Unconference – “The Journey” – 2014


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