I am not interested in the colour of your dress. In matching outfits, whether the scenery matches your canvas-ready decor. 

You can keep your golden fields, your picture-perfect sunsets. I’m not interested in the very best version of yourself or the parts that you want to present to the world. I am interested in the fractures in your heart and how it beats for the people you love.

Strip back the mundane, the palatable, the pretentious. 

Show me something real. 

I want to create art out of your life. The corners of your smile, the joy in your eyes. The way the light plays across your face and dances in your hair and then slips into shadow. How it feels for your hand to hold another’s.

How it feels to exist in this moment at this place in time.

I want to eradicate the very concept of time and create something that is atmospheric and evocative and worthy of being on your wall for decades to come. 

Because you – are timeless.

I don’t want to photograph your face. 

I want to photograph your soul.

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