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Love Stories – Documentary Sessions


Love stories are found in the most unlikely places. They’re hidden in cracks on the ground, within lines on a face, ink on a skin, in bare feet and chipped tooth smiles.

There is a beauty in quiet intimacy that we are smitten with. The micro moments that we forget about or are too busy to notice. And even if we do somehow manage to get a shot of it, we often become distanced, or preoccupied with how we look, or making everyone comfortable.

Obviously there is a time and place for telling the story through our eyes, but we often forget to include ourselves in the narrative, and we end up a thousand photos of our kids or our friends, but only a small bunch of selfies or rushed group shots that contain proof that we were even there. The concepts of light, composition and editing are often the furthest from our mind.

And that’s where we come in.

Simply put, we want you to exist in photos.

We want to put you back into the narrative.

We want you to remember in thirty years time how it felt to move into your new home. Snuggling on the couch with a packet of m&ms, Netflix and the dog. How he would squeeze your hand as you walked down the street. How she’d rest her head on your shoulder when you ordered her a coffee. Quiet moments spent together in your favourite places. The ticket line where you met, the movie theatre where you had your first date, hanging out at your favourite bar. The seat near the window where you fell in love with her, over and over again and the way she would feed you cake, no matter who was watching. The way he’d look at you like he’d never love anyone else ever again. The place you always said you would propose, when the time was right. The quiet place you slipped away to and said ‘I do’. The months spent expecting a new baby, or adjusting to those first whirlwind few weeks as parents. Laughing in bed together as a family. Boardgames. Sunday cupcake making. Breakfast together.

These moments disappear so quickly. Time goes by and suddenly what used to be so clear, becomes a distant memory, and you find yourself going back through photographs and wondering what happened to all of those tiny moments that just…evaporated with time?

Your story is the most beautiful story there is – because it’s yours.

All you need to do is let it unfold. We can take care of the rest.


Love stories – couple, family, birth, self-love.

P.S For those who barely have any photographs of themselves at all – let’s change that. Self-love is one of the best stories of all.

P.P.S Run a small business? Love what you do? We can help you bring your audience behind the scenes, creatively and lovingly. Let’s talk.


Love Story Sessions

– Sessions from $350.00

– Choose from an hour, three-hour or full day documentary session.

– Up to 150 fully edited images

– Travel within 100km of Brisbane

– Digital delivery within 1-2 weeks (approx)

– Print packages & vouchers available


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