Liz + Matt // Scenic Rim

We spent a beautiful afternoon with Liz and Matt exploring the secrets of the Lost World from its pockets of enchanted forest and bubbling creeks to the expanse of rolling hills that just came alive with the late Autumn sunset.

Doesn’t that sound poetic?

We were also busted for trespassing (okay, we legit didn’t (really) realise it was private property) – but uh, sweet-talked our way out of it (and how could you not! Look at them!!) and landed permission from an amused (bemused?) local farmer. Dude, you gotta put up some fences.

Liz’s flower crown and bouquet were made by the lush Gypsy & Bloom, whose work I am now completely obsessed with.

Edit: I was also pretty chuffed to have my fav. black and white shot from this session (you can probably pick it) chosen for the Looks Like Film blog. Stoked.


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