Harmony // Cougal Cascades

Harmony blazed into my life like a strange and beautiful comet. She’s the kind of woman that makes you just want to say yes to everything, even photographing her naked in the middle of a forest.

Mind you – that’s not a hard ask. I’ll photograph anyone naked anywhere.

We spent the afternoon in the wilds of Currumbin again – which is fast becoming my favourite place in the world to shoot – blackberry cider in hand, as we chatted like we had known each other for years.

On that note – I think that’s what I love about these sessions the most. It’s not just a matter of 50 poses and an outfit change. I like taking my time to get to know those in front of my lens. To walk along the edges of our respective comfort zones, and holding space for the courage and vulnerability that it inevitably takes to show up. Courage and vulnerability that does not go unnoticed, I promise.

Harmony is exquisitely beautiful, utterly sure of herself and has a self-assurance that is so competely hypnotising and affirming it takes my breath away. I took one look at her Instagram account (#photographygoals) and it was love.

She is a photographer herself, as well as a writer and a multitude of other creative identities and when she told me this, I just couldn’t help but smile.  I swear to god, multi passionates will change the world. 


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