Family Session // Brisbane

I’ve been photographing Jess for about 9 years now. She modelled for me when I went through my early awkward boudoir stage, and I might have accidentally (on purpose) set her up with her husband, then forced them to pose for practice couple shots (true story). I volunteered for their engagement shoot as a fledgling photographer (do NOT ask to see those photos), and by the time their wedding finally came around, I was fairly established in the industry, and I convinced them to let me do their photo shoot in a heritage-listed house that may or may not have been haunted (it was…). I took Jess’s first maternity photos, missed her second (and cried, because I was down south), and last week we had a super cute daytime family shoot planned…and of course, it rained. We opted for an in-home documentary-style mini shoot with the girls instead – but honestly, I wasn’t heartbroken because shooting at home is one of my favourite places – families are so relaxed and kids are already on familiar ground, and you get some of the most honest photos you could ever ask for.

If you didn’t catch my drift there, here it is again. I LOVE LOVE LOVE in-home sessions. More please.

Despite having strikingly different personalities, Annabelle and Eloise adore each other. There’s never a dull moment with toddlers, and sometimes you just have to roll with it – but that’s honestly half the fun.

Edit: (July 2020) BIG NEWS! Earlier this year, Jess called to book me for another maternity shoot – the girls are going to be big sisters by the end of the year!

Watch this space for baby #3!


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