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Connection Sessions


A connection session is no ordinary photo shoot. It is a time of reconnecting with the ones you love the most, in the most genuine, beautiful heartwarming way. The way she looks at you that makes your heart beat that little bit faster. The warm tingly feeling you get when he wraps his arms around you when you least expect it. The glow you share after creating a tiny human being together.

That secret smile that only the two of you share.

No smiling through gritted teeth. No cheesy Pinterest poses.  No palpitations at the thought of ‘not getting it right’.

No grinning and bearing it.  We promise.

Connection sessions are not just for couples – we also offer them for families (including grandparents), and friends also.

They are perfect to mark important events in your life – anniversaries, graduations, farewells, or new beginnings.

Whatever the purpose – we consider it an absolute privilege to be able to design a personalised session that captures the sparks of the love that you share with each other.

And YES we are totally happy to tailor a hybrid love story/connection session for you.


Connection Sessions

– Sessions from $350.00

– Choose from an hour, three-hour or full day connection session.

– Up to 150 fully edited images

– Travel within 100km of Brisbane

– Digital delivery within 1-2 weeks (approx)

– Print packages & vouchers available


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Come and hang out with us.

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