We are Whisky + the Moon

Photographers, storytellers, adventurers, and artists.


We realise this might sound a little strange...

…especially since photography is such a visual medium.

Hear us out.




We don’t shoot the way a session or event looks.

We shoot the way it feels.

(Isn’t it all about love in the end?)

It’s more than portraiture.

More than photodocumentary.

More than candid photography.

Subtle in its simplicity.

Heartfelt, honest, sincere expression.

We want
to be

For real. We want you to trust that the day is unfolding as it should.  Even when it goes off-script. And we want you to hold your images in your hands and be right back in the moment that they were created.

We want to provide a safe space – to come as you are

To be as emotional, connected, intimate, loving, and joyful as you want to be.

You don’t have to be the best version of yourself.

Just show up. Let the day begin and the story unfold.

This is your visual legacy.

Welcome to Whisky + the Moon.

We tell love stories.

Come and hang out with us.

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